Coldplay fans in Egypt have been launching campaign after campaign to get the band to come to Egypt. 

The band has finally responded, perhaps not exactly in the way the campaigns would have wanted. 

In a tweet sent out on December 9, Coldplay wrote: 

"For those in Egypt, we'd love to play there someday - in the meantime please consider going to see [Egyptian band Strawberry Swing] … Love C J G W P."

The tweet linked to an article on Al Bawaba about an upcoming performance by Egyptian alternative rock band Strawberry Swing

The event will pay tribute to Coldplay by covering a number of their songs at Elbet Alwan, Zamalek on Saturday. 

"The goal is to spread Coldplay's message and the state of mind you get when you listen to their music," the band says on the event page

And that is when the Internet lost it

Humor surfaced

Heart attack claims too

OK, this is what people really felt like

Meanwhile, meet the Egyptian Coldplay band members. This is Abdelrhman Sherief or "Martin"

Abdelrahman Sherief is the band's keyboardist, lead vocal and acoustic guitarist. 

Meet Ammar

Originally Iraqi Ammar plays bass guitar for the band.  

He is the one who turns a "catastrophic incident into a really light one with his jokes."

Meet Patrick Khalil, the drummer

Patrick Khalil taught himself music when he was 15-years-old. 

He is now known for mixing music genres, including Classical Rock, Progressive Rock and much more. 

Meet Mohamed Tarek Alkhaleel

Mohamed Tarek Alkhaleel is a studio sound engineer by day and music producer by night. He's also a composer, an orchestral arranger and live-show sound engineer. 

Oh, and he's a multi-instrumentalist. Alkhaleel is the band's lead guitarist, keyboardist, acoustic guitarist and back vocal.

Here's a snippet of what you can expect at the concert

Just a few months ago, Egypt's The Starfish Campaign launched a massive and extremely creative campaign to get Coldplay to come to the country. 

The campaign, which asked Coldplay to extend their "Head Full of Dreams Tour" to Egypt, grabbed the attention of over 46,000 people.

"Don't underestimate the power of social media," the campaigners wrote on their Facebook page.

The campaigners soon launched a photo album of artwork by Adel Allam ... all inspired by Coldplay's "Up&Up" music video.