Source: Elfagr

A Palestinian couple hit back at Trump's Jerusalem declaration by naming their newborn triplets "Jerusalem", "Capital", and "Palestine" - the boys were given the names Jerusalem and Palestine, and the girl Capital.

According to Quds News, Nidal Al Siqaly and his wife decided to give their triplets the unique names right after they were born earlier last week.

When said together, the three Arabic names literally translate into "Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine".

Speaking to Anadol News Agency, Al Siqaly said he couldn't have found more beautiful names for his newborns. 

He also explained that if he were to have a fourth child, he would give them the name "eternal".

"My aim was to reaffirm that Jerusalem is a Palestinian, Arab, and Islamic city. One that will always be our country's capital," he added

The 30-year-old new parent also said he hopes Palestinian and Arab leaders will succeed in overturning Trump's decision.

The triplets' names are making the rounds online

Soon after Al Siqaly's story started to make the rounds online, it saw hundreds of social media users react to it. 

Here's a little of what people had to say about the triplets' names: 

Some criticized the names ...

"We get the names 'Palestine' and 'Jerusalem,' but calling his daughter 'capital,' what is she going to do with that?"

And felt that it won't help change anything

"Naming his daughter 'capital' is unfair, how is she going to feel about it growing up? This isn't a way to support the Palestinian cause." 

Others absolutely loved the idea though

"They're incredible and they're names are amazing."


Many congratulated the couple

"Congratulations, may God bless them and grant the Palestinian people victory."

"Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine"

"God bless the newborns."