If you live in Lebanon or have Lebanese friends, then you have probably come across the page "Nekat Lebanese 18+." 

Boasting over one million followers on Instagram, the page has become well-known in the Lebanese community for its supposedly "funny" posts that often feature explicit content.

While many people consider the page hilarious, it is time we admit it is rather offensive. 

There is a fine line between humor and vulgarity, and the page crosses it on daily basis. It is actually propagating a culture of derogatory and insensitive humor. Here's how:

It objectifies women and spreads sexism under the pretext of humor

From reducing female professionals to their good looks to straight-up referring to women as inanimate things, the page caters to sex-obsessed men and encourages them to continue to view women as mere sex objects. 

Under the pretext of "humor," this emboldens people to undermine women and promotes the widespread sexism we have long been fighting.

Even hijabis have been the center of mockery

Nekat Lebanese has mocked hijab-wearing women on several occasions, criticizing them for actions like dancing.

Not only does this insult the women in the posts by sharing their footage without consent and subjecting them to mockery and debate, but it also reinforces stereotypes surrounding hijabis.

Additionally, the page is feeding the many self-entitled individuals who tend to police hijabis' every move based on what they believe a hijabi should or should not do. 

It promotes homophobia

The page has made a habit out of ridiculing members of the LGBTQ+ community for simply being themselves and refusing to conform to gender norms.

In one specifically repulsive post, the page implies a young man is a "wild animal" that should be featured on National Geographic because of his hairstyle and dance moves.

The Lebanese community can seriously do without more racism

The page would pass any racism test with flying colors (pun-intended), as it has, on many occasions, treated those with darker skin tones as inferior individuals, often mocking them.