Muslim teen Noor Fadel was allegedly assaulted on a train in Vancouver by a 46-year-old man ... and only one person tried to help. 

The man, who's been identified as Pierre Belzan, had his eyes on Fadel since she first got on the train, she explains in a Facebook post following the attack, all because she wears hijab. 

The 18-year-old was verbally and physically assaulted. 

"The moment I sat on the train... this man got up and started to swear at me calling me a whore and a slut telling me he will kill me and all Muslims," Fadel wrote in a Facebook post. 

"He raised his hand and began saying he was going to kill me. I watched as others watched the man verbally assault me when out of nowhere he strikes me across the face. He hit me," she added. 

The man has since been arrested and charged with assault and threatening to "cause death or bodily harm," according to Global News.

Meet Jake Taylor: The only guy who intervened to help Fadel

Jake Taylor was just another passenger on the train who was on his way home from work. When the man began attacking Fadel, Taylor decided to intervene. 

"I went over and I gave him a shove, told him to get the F out of here," Taylor said, according to BuzzFeed. 

Taylor stood in front of Fadel until the man got off the train. He then stayed with her until the police and paramedics arrived. 

"Thank you to Jake Taylor for being the one person,once a stranger now a dear friend who stood up for me no matter for my appearance [sic]," Fadel wrote on Facebook.

Fadel referred to Taylor as her "hero"

"Stay safe and please help one another"