It is no secret that British celebrity chef and reality television host Gordon Ramsay is far from being a tactful critic. When he is not roasting people's culinary skills on television, he is roasting them online. 

Ramsay often brings his inner troll out to play on Twitter, replying to amateur chefs' culinary creations with some brutal comments ranging from "Idiot sandwich" to "So raw it's still running around the field".

One of Ramsay's latest victims is 13-year-old Kuwaiti student Yousef Al-Kabaz, who recently tweeted the celebrity chef a photo of some fried eggs he had prepared ... only to get hilariously trolled. 

Al-Kabaz told StepFeed that he had tweeted the picture hoping that Ramsay would rate his work, as he enjoys cooking and has learned to prepare several dishes.

"Dear Yousef you're Youse less (useless)," Ramsay replied

Puns came pouring in

Ramsay's reply is "a new level of savage"


All the Yousefs out there probably hate Ramsay right now ...

But some burned back!

Al-Kabaz said that he was excited about Ramsay's response, adding that he found the chef's tweet hilarious rather than discouraging. 

After all, trolling is simply Ramsay's signature move: 

As a judge in culinary competitions like Hell's Kitchen  and MasterChef, the award-winning chef is known for his short temper and strict demeanor, as well as his use of expletive language and controversial comments on television.