Numerous individuals in Dubai have taken to social media to report a fire they witnessed emerging from JLT's Almas Tower.

In the videos and photos captured by residents and bystanders, smoke can be seen rising from the building on Sunday afternoon.

Early reports indicate that occupants inside the residential and commercial building are currently being evacuated.

"It is a fire in a pole at the top of the tower. We received the emergency call at 2:55 PM and the tower was evacuated from residents," Dubai Civil Defence spokesperson told Gulf News.

Almas Tower is a 68-storey high skyscraper, one of the tallest towers in Dubai.

According to Dubai Media Office, "no injuries have been reported so far."

Last year, authorities in Dubai passed new fire safety standard rules making it mandatory for buildings with flammable side paneling to replace it with more fire-resistant cladding.

"Tower in JLT Dubai on fire"

Smoke can be seen rising from the building

"Hope everybody is safe"

"Flames are now visible in the spire of the tower"

"Fire in JLT"

"Evacuation ongoing"