Carlos Ghosn
Carlos Ghosn Source: Flickr

Brazilian-Lebanese businessman Carlos Ghosn, the former chairman and CEO of Renault, has been under fire for a few months. The latest findings suggest that Ghosn may have used a portion of the carmaker's money to hold his wedding.

Renault has been investigating its 2016 agreement with the Palace of Versailles, the location where Ghosn held his wedding reception, as it believes the businessman took advantage of its funds. At the time, Renault had agreed to sponsor Versailles in renovations worth $2.6 million in return for a "credit granting the carmaker services worth 25 percent of that amount," according to the 

Following investigations, "it was identified that a contribution of 50,000 euros ($57,000), under a sponsorship agreement signed with the Château de Versailles, was allocated to Mr. Ghosn's personal benefit," Renault said

"The elements gathered so far require additional checks to be carried out."

The Grand Trianon château interior Source: Wikipedia

In June 2016, Renault signed an agreement with Versailles to restore the "Salon de la Paix," a spokesperson for the palace told CNN. 

The usual rental fee of $57,000 was deducted from Renault's credit for use of the Grand Trianon at Versailles on Oct. 8, 2016. That was the date Ghosn and his second wife, Carole, hosted their wedding reception at the 17th-century palace, a source told the Independent.

His lawyer denied the claims. 

"The event space at Versailles was made available to him without charge, and Mr Ghosn was unaware that the use of the space would be charged against Renault's allotted usage," Ghosn's France-based lawyer Jean-Yves Leborgne said.

"Carlos Ghosn paid for all of his wedding expense."

According to Bloomberg, Ghosn plans to "pay back the Chateau de Versailles for costs related to his Marie Antoinette-themed wedding party after Renault SA disclosed that its former chairman may have improperly used a sponsorship deal to host the event." 

Last month, Ghosn was forced to resign as chairman and CEO of Renault following the businessman's arrest in Japan in November 2018. He remains in a Tokyo prison after allegations of financial crimes were brought against him in the Asian country. 

Renault initiated its own investigation shortly after the arrest.