Monkey trouble seems to be an ongoing issue in a Saudi college located in Balqarn city.

The University of Bisha's all-female college building has been attacked by monkeys time and again before, and things weren't so different in the past few days.

Footage capturing yet another monkey break-in went viral on Twitter late on Wednesday. In it, the animals can be seen chasing students and looking for food in bags scattered in an outdoor area.

According to Sabq news site, people in the region have been calling on authorities to find a solution to the problem for months and were outraged by the latest incident.

A video capturing the latest break-in sparked a meltdown on Saudi Twitter and left people divided.

Some reacted to the matter with anger, criticizing local authorities for not doing enough to protect students. However, others, could only react to the entire thing with humor. 

Many were left upset by the incident

"A university, gates, and security ... how did these monkeys break in?"

"I don't know whether I should laugh or cry"


"Am I the only one who died of laughter?"

"Planet of the apes!!!"

Not the first time a similar break-in is reported in the same college

Last year, footage capturing the moment tens of monkeys broke into the same college campus sparked a complete meltdown on Twitter.

This came after videos of the incident started circulating on the platform. 

At the time, university officials said the incident went down after a security gate was left open by mistake. They also promised an investigation would be launched into the matter.

But wait ... more monkeys have been on the loose in Saudi Arabia before

In 2017, a video capturing a group of monkeys crossing one of the kingdom's highways went viral on Twitter. In it, the animals can be seen running across a highway that tweeps later identified as a road between Mecca and Medina.

It apparently happens quite often in this area, too. 

Why did the gorilla cross the road?

In 2018, a gorilla was spotted casually strolling through a Riyadh street. 

It was on the loose for half an hour before the matter was reported to police. Back then, many claimed the animal was being kept as a pet in a house close to where he was seen walking.