Unless you've been living under a rock, you probably know about the Kiki Challenge that took over the internet late last month.

Since then, several social media users have created their own versions of the Canadian rapper Drake's song "In My Feelings."

Earlier this month, a so-called "Muslim version" of the song surfaced online, and it is repulsive on so many levels.

Produced by the Dubai-based blogger who goes by the name "Dawood Savage," the music video has stirred controversy for promoting stereotypes surrounding Muslim marriages and disrespecting the wives of Prophet Muhammad.

However, despite the backlash, the music video has been widely shared online, amassing 2.6 million views and 44,000 shares at the time of writing.

The music video features a group of guys wearing thawbs - the traditional robe worn by men in the Gulf - with the blogger performing his version of Drake's song. 

Dawood Savage replaced the song's lyrics with ones related to Muslim culture from his perspective, which is evidently sexist. 

"I can have four wifeys," he says in the beginning of the music video. Using the first names of Prophet Muhammad's wifes, such as Aisha and Khadija, the song also features questions like "Are you cleaning?" and "Are you cooking?"

Towards the end of the video, he plays the ultimate halal police card and says, "Say you'll never ever leave being hijabi."

Here's how people reacted to the music video:

People are appalled

Was it supposed to be funny?

"Did you just insult the whole family of the prophet?"

"This is an embarrassment"

It seems like he has a distorted image of what it means to be married

As if Muslims being stereotyped by non-Muslims wasn't enough

"Stop associating religion with some shaddy song"

The definition of cringe-worthy

"You need khadamahs (maids)"