Welcome back to your favourite escape… Welcome back to Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE!

BMI UAE in Ghantoot has just had its season-opening party and it was EPIC!

With its live music entertainment, amazing international DJ lineup, and convenient base out of the Golden Tulip Al Jazira Hotel, it is fast becoming one of the most anticipated weekend hangouts in town.

The resort sits in picturesque, tranquil surroundings within the marina, offering panoramic views over the waters of the Arabian Gulf from every part of the hotel.

However, if you find yourself attending one of the upcoming events, be prepared to see certain types of characters.

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As hard as you may try, here are 9 types of people you just can't avoid at Blue Marlin Ibiza in Dubai (or is it Abu Dhabi?)... Enjoy!

1. The Party Animal

There is always one person within a group who just can't be *normal*. 

Usually, it's the guy who has shot after shot, drink after drink, until he finally passes out..... at 8 AM the next morning!!!

2. The Muscle Show

muscle man uae
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"Ladies, look at me... I don't skip leg day... I hit the gym daily... You want to know how much I can push?"

We all have that one gym-obsessed friend who is sooo pumped, he could literally breastfeed your child.

3. The Duck Face

duck face uae
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"When I grow up, I aspire to be a.........DUCK!!!!!!!"

No comment.

4. The Inseparable

always together uae
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Like Romeo and Juliet, inseparable till death do them part...

It's too much for anyone... this couple is usually seen near the bar area of BMI, holding hands, kissing, hugging, smoking the same cigarette... even going to the toilet together... Yes, too much!

5. The Show-Off

Yep, that guy... the cap-wearing character with the conditioned hipster beard, who wears his sunglasses at night... Why... just why?

6. The One With The Table And The Money

He/she will have paid a small fortune to book a table in advance. Will invite all his friends to join him, and is usually seen with several "loving companions".

7. The Extreme Drunk

No explanation needed. Don't be that guy. It's embarrassing, most likely, you won't be tolerated.

8. The Good Friend

Ahhh, we all love this person. He/She is usually the designated driver, doesn't drink, and is fun to be around. He will take you home when you can barely walk and help out whenever possible. BLESS.

9. The guy who knows every after-party!

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Once BMI heads towards closing times, for many, the night just begins. There are countless afterparties at the apartments in the Golden Tulip Al Jazira Hotel and there is always one guy who walks around inviting everyone to the known hotspots.