Earlier this month, EuroCost International released its 2018 survey, ranking cities based on their cost of living for expats ... and Beirut is among the 10 most expensive.

The Lebanese capital ranked No. 7 globally, surpassing London and New York in terms of cost of living. Beirut is considered the most expensive city in the Middle East, followed by Abu Dhabi, which was listed No. 17 in the ranking. 

According to the survey, the cost of living is particularly high for expats in Beirut due to "high rents in the secure zones." The ranking includes housing costs, but excludes health and education costs.

In total, 272 cities were considered for the ranking.

Source: EuroCost

People constantly complain about high costs in Beirut ...

Exhibit 1: Laundry

Exhibit 2: Parking spots

Exhibit 3: Apartments

Exhibit 4: Pretty much everything

Hong Kong is the most expensive city in the world for expats

Source: Wikipedia

Hong Kong is considered to have an incredibly high cost of living for expats in the city. 

The Asian city hasn't always been the most expensive. Last year, it ranked No. 2 in the list. 

It's followed by Tokyo (No. 2,) Kinshasa (No. 3,) and Geneva (No. 4.)

When it comes to Airbnb rentals, another Arab city ranks as most expensive

Source: Airbnb/Dubai

Earlier this year, Bloomberg released a list of the most expensive cities to rent an Airbnb property ... and Dubai ranked No.1 among Arab countries, and fifth globally. 

Short-term rental offerings in the city average at $185 per night. The city's Airbnb properties more than doubled in two years, according to Arab News.

The emirate was followed by Riyadh (No. 11) and Kuwait City (No. 15.)