As we all know by now, Egypt's favorite satirist and cardio surgeon, Bassem Youssef, is to host this year's International Emmy Awards  Monday night. As we countdown the hours, Egyptians cannot contain themselves.

In an overwhelming show of support, Egyptians are calling the famous comedian, "a nation's pride."

"The 'International Prince' will set fire to world today Insha'Alla. Good luck, Bassem!"

Others are just stating national facts.

"There's no question that we all miss Bassem."

"We need Bassem Youssef."

"Bassem Youssef, I swear we miss you and miss El Bernameg during the current miserable days."

"Bassem Youssef.... We miss you."

Tonight, fans of Youssef will be sitting down in front of the television just to watch him do what he does best, make people laugh.

Image Source: Quick Meme