Fresh off winning the silver world medal in the "best host" category of the New York Festivals World's Best TV and Films 2015 awards this past week, Bassem Youssef went on Jon Stewart's "Daily Show" to explain the state of the Middle East, in light of the recent security issues in Yemen.

The clip went viral on social networks, drawing the same smile as it always has on many fans' faces.

No, it's not complicated at all.

Youssef received the award for his now off-the-air show "El Bernameg." It was the first Arab production to receive such an award.

Youssef, whose show "El Bernameg," has been off-air since being shut down June 2014, gained popularity shortly after the 2011 uprising in Egypt. With humble beginnings, in an empty laundry room at his house, Youssef's show turned the Egyptian from a doctor into YouTube celebrity.

Despite its massive popularity and eventual broadcasting on CBC and MBC Misr, the show was suspended a day before Abdel Fattah al-Sisi was officially elected as Egypt’s president.

Youssef commented back then that “the show, in its current form, will not be allowed to resume airing neither on MBC nor on any other Egyptian or Arabic channel.”

Luckily, the Egyptian comedian found a kindred spirit in Jon Stewart and has been a frequent guest on the American comedian's show since then.