Saudi authorities announced they've launched an investigation into a video allegedly capturing an expat manager firing a Saudi employee, Sabq news site reported on Saturday.

This comes after the footage went viral on social media over the weekend, sparking outrage among many.

In his statement on the matter, head of the Ministry of Labor's Jazan department, Ahmad Al Qanfathi, said officials will be looking into the case and questioning those involved before taking further measures. 

Even though details of the incident have yet to be revealed, the video, in which the expat can be seen screaming at the Saudi man and shoving him outside what appears to be an office, is now at the center of a heated online controversy. 

The video sparked an online meltdown of the sorts

As the footage continues to circulate online, the heated debate over it continues to grow. 

While many said no judgement should be made on the matter before the investigation into the case is done, others felt they needed to vent over it. 

Many Saudis deemed the expat's behavior "aggressive" and "insulting," while others thought there was more to the story. 

Many Saudis were angered by the now-viral video

"Even if the Saudi employee did something wrong, this man has no right to beat him and push him out of his office. There are contracts that govern these types of work relationships." 

Some even reported it to authorities online

"What more is left, Ministry of Labor?"

A few felt there was more behind the story

"I saw the footage and felt that the Saudi man was being negligent towards his job. Look at the way he's dressed, it's inappropriate for work so it's understandable that he was asked to leave." 

Many felt the expat might've had a point...

"Can't you see how this Saudi man is responding to his employer?? It's clear that he's in the wrong. This expat is standing there asking him questions and waiting for him to reply, while he just stands there and plays with his phone. No wonder the man lost his temper and kicked him out. This is a workplace, not a personal space, regardless of nationality, everyone must respect the rules and regulations of their job." 

"No one knows what led this man to act like this, don't make presumptions"

Others are now waiting on the investigation

"We're waiting on the results of this investigation."