After being arrested pending deportation for violating the country's cyberlaws, Australian expat Jodi Magi, 39, was deported from the UAE late Tuesday.

According to Gulf News, Magi, who lived in Abu Dhabi and taught graphic design to Emirati women, posted a picture of a vehicle blocking two parking spots reserved for the disabled under her apartment building.  She was found guilty last month of writing "bad words on social media about a person," according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, but was detained by officials, pending deportation, when she arrived at an Abu Dhabi court to pay a fine Monday.

Magi released a statement on her Facebook page Tuesday night to say she had been deported and to denounce the UAE justice system. The post quickly went viral after it was shared more than 200 times and 1,200 people liked it.

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According to the UAE's 2012 Cyber Crime Law, individuals can be prosecuted if they make statements deemed "disrespectful" toward Islam, morals, and good conduct. This includes slander and breach of privacy, meaning if individuals post pictures or comments that are meant to harm other's reputations or publishing information about someone without their permission.