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We all know that Palestinian-American Gigi Hadid's real name is Jelena Noura Hadid. We also know that Hadid began her modeling career when she was just two years old. 

If you didn't, a simple Google search would reveal a bunch of facts about Hadid that have been replicated across different sites. But, recently, the model decided to give her fans a bit of personal information via the hashtag #AskGigi. 

The insider information cannot be found anywhere on Google... 

Hadid's go-to relaxation technique:

Hadid's habit before walking the runway:

Hadid's outlook on hair dye:

Hadid's morning ritual:

Hadid's favorite song at the moment:

Did you know?

Aside from these five unknown facts, did you know Hadid wanted to pursue a career in criminal psychology? 

"I studied Criminal Psychology in college, and although I'm so intrigued by that field of work, I think that if I would have had a career in that, I would've still ended up working in something creative instead," she said, according to Elle.

"Even after I'm done modeling I think I'll always be a part of a creative process somehow."