Early Sunday morning, American Omar Mateen opened fire in an Orlando nightclub, killing 49 people and wounding 53 others in what is now the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.

As people all around the world #PrayForOrlando, many are ignoring the fact that this is not just a crime against America, but an attack against gays by an American, not because of the victims' religious beliefs but for their sexuality.

While many regional condemnations of the attack ignore the victims' sexuality and the homophobic nature of the tragedy – including nearly all government statements – many prominent activists, journalists and public figures tackled it head on.

They have noticed the disregard of the victims' sexual identities in condolences

Making a point that all acts of terror result in increased Islamophobia because of media coverage, unfortunately

Many reminding, yet again, that ISIS does not represent Islam

Some are speaking out on behalf of all those who can't speak up

Some expressing the struggle the Muslim community often faces after horrific crimes that involve a so-called "Muslim"

While others are raising the issue of homophobia in the world

And how disgusting hate crimes have become

Letting all those who have suffered from prejudice because of who they love know that they're not alone

And calling for homophobia to be addressed, not just condemn the terrorist acts

Because in the end #LoveWins