Food hashtags often pop up on Arab Twitter because, as everyone knows, our obsession with our stomachs is real.

Earlier this week, a trending tag asked people in the region to share their favorite dish and to say some entries were weird is an understatement. 

Here are a few Arab meals that are too bizarre: 

1. Cooked locusts

Yep, apparently people eat this and it's someone's favorite dish. 

2. Tuna, bananas, and ketchup

A combination no one could've imagined. 

3. Fried octopus

Because why not?

4. Nutella macaroni

The Nutella obsession taken a bit too far. 

5. A stew of bones


6. This weird sandwich

"Sandwich filled with halawa, nutella, jam, and heavy cream."

7. Stuffed sheep's stomach

Need we say more? 

8. A lizard wrap

Can we dismiss this as a terrible joke?

9. Stuffed lizards

There goes your appetite.

10. Yep ... someone said their favorite dish is books

11. Do they get the hashtag, or ...

12. Is this a cry for help?