Another day, another man confidently thinks he is entitled to dictate what a woman wants - or better yet - what she dreams of. "This is every girl's dream," wrote a Twitter user as a caption for a video portraying a diamond ring with some serious bling. 

Except no one really fell for it. If there was ever a time when a woman's aspirations were limited to some shiny materials, Arab girls are here to prove times have indeed changed. 

From those who took the assumption seriously enough to mention entire systematic changes to those who took the humor lane, here are nine epic replies to the ignorant "diamonds are a girl's best friend" statement: 

1. The one who thinks big

"My dream is the separation of religion from the government." 

Maybe then we can talk about other trivial things?

2. The one who has her priorities in order

3. The one who really said what we're all thinking

4. The one who actually dares to dream

"My dream is to emigrate." 

Now that's one thing that truly unites Arab girls stuck at home. 

5. The one with the activist soul

"My dream is for us to stop putting our dreams in a rock that thousands of souls suffer while extracting in order for you to wear on your finger so your neighbor gets jealous." 

Louder for the people in the back, sis. 

6. The one who dares to dream of basic human rights

"My dream is to have civil rights that protect me and a fair government that allows me to live in dignity and freedom." 

Yup, that too.

7. The one who thinks business

"Yes it is my dream so I can sell it and get its money."

Think big or go home.

8. The one who exposed her true Arab roots

9. The one inspired by a true winter mood

"My dream is to wake up having had enough sleep." 

Same sis, same.