Nawal Al Ghamdi Source: Sabq News Site

Thousands of Arabs and Saudis are mourning the loss of Nawal Al Ghamdi, a little girl who bravely battled cancer for months before succumbing to the disease earlier this week. 

According to Sabq news site, Al Ghamdi became a well-known public figure after posting videos right from her hospital bed on Snapchat. 

Her tragic passing saddened many of her followers who hailed her courage in fighting the disease. 

Just hours after news of her passing broke on Saudi Twitter, her name reached top trends in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and several other Arab countries. 

Al Ghamdi publicly fought cancer right to the end

In the wake of her death, people re-shared her touching videos on Twitter

Many were just heartbroken

"I thought my heart wouldn't cry over losing anyone anymore, but today I cried"

"May God have mercy on this beautiful smiling face"

"To heaven, to the person with the most beautiful smile"

Celebrities also mourned Al Ghamdi

Egyptian comedian and actor, Mohamed Henedy, was also saddened over Al Ghamdi's death. In a tweet he shared via the viral hashtag launched in her name, he wrote:

"If a person got a flu, they'd stay in bed and be unable to move... Nawal Al Ghamdi and so many other children like her across the Arab world set examples in resistance and endurance. May God have mercy on her soul. Her smile will always be with us."  

"Fly high, Nawal"

"Rest in peace fighter"