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According to Khaleej Times, an Arab woman has been sentenced to six months in jail and fined 5,000 dirhams for trying to bribe a female employee in the traffic and licensing department of Sharjah Police.

The accused, who offered chocolate and 500 dirhams to the official, will also be deported after completing her prison term.

The woman has reportedly failed her driving test seven times already and therefore tried to bribe a female traffic official to help her get over the final barrier and asked her to issue her a driving license.

The female staff, who refused to accept her bribe, immediately informed the police because she "couldn't have done something that violated her job ethics", Khaleej Times reports.

Subsequently, the Arab woman was referred to the court and charged with bribery.

Police records state that the accused offered the money as a bribe, which is punishable under Articles 237 and 238 of the UAE's Federal Penal Code.

Throughout the court hearing, the defendant said that she gave the chocolate and money as a gift and had no intention to bribe the staff. However, during the investigation of the prosecution, the plaintiff said that the accused had told him about her difficulty in obtaining a license.

Right from the beginning of the investigation into her case of alleged bribery, the accused, who is in her thirties, claimed to be innocent, stating that she didn't seek any favor from the staff at the traffic and licensing department of Sharjah Police.

However, the court refused to accept her defense and sentenced her to six months in jail, fined her 5,000 dirhams, followed by deportation.

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What does the UAE law say?

  • Article 237 of the Federal Penal Code says that any offer made to a public official or a public servant, even if he or she has not accepted it, shall be punished by imprisonment.
  • Article 238 underlines that the offender shall be fined 1,000 dirhams or more for the crime.