On January 12, British-Pakistani singer and songwriter Zayn Malik celebrated his 25th birthday ... and he even received a "treat" from the largest adult entertainment site on the internet...

Pornhub sent Zayn Malik a "Happy Birthday" message on Twitter, but it didn't stop there. The site offered him a renewal of his "premium membership" suggesting he's quite a loyal user of the site.

Not only did the site expose the international star, but it also drove the internet crazy with its level of savageness on the social media platform...

BREAKING: "Zayn has a premium Pornhub membership"

Personal much?

People could not believe the site "called him out like that"

"Remind me to block Pornhub from my internet if I ever become famous"

Others had other suggestions

One word: EXPOSED

Valid questions soon followed

Why couldn't they just send a normal "Happy Birthday" message?

Best tweet of 2018 so far?

People just could not contain the laughter

Pornhub = WILD