So you've been invited to an Arab wedding, but you don't know what to expect. Fear not, we're here to help. 

Our wedding celebrations used to last for days in the past; nowadays they mostly last for a couple of hours. 

Here's a handy guide to the rituals and festivities that precedes the union of two people in love in the Arab world. 

1. Packing the couple's fridge with a week's worth of food

Before the wedding, a week's supply of scrumptious homemade food is prepared for the newly-weds by their family members. 

2. Henna night

And those songs!! :D 

Henna night is an informal, cozy gathering that takes place at the bride's family house on the eve of the wedding. It's where the bride and her girlfriends sing and dance the night away. Henna night is one of the things we share with our Turkish brethren. 

3. Motorized Zaffa

Everyone in town must know about the celebration! Wedding processions (Zaffa) roam the streets, including the couple's decorated car, accompanied by the cars of their friends and family. Lately, even motorcycles have been joining in! 

4. Traditional zaffa

At many weddings, even before the bride and the groom make it to the reception hall, a zaffa takes place!

A band sings for about 30 minutes, and of course you have to start dancing once you hear the drums! 

5. Very loud music

No, you're not allowed to hear the person sitting next to you. 

6. Sharbat Ward

No wedding is complete without this cold, refreshing, sweet, rose-flavoured sharbat. This is what happiness tastes like! 

7. Barefoot ladies, because heels

At one point during the night you will go back to your table only to find that all your female family members are barefoot. It hurts to walk, let alone dance in high heels for 5 hours.  

8. 3a2balek!

We all have that one aunt who goes: "When will I see you glowing in your white gown?!" :D

9. Zaghroota ya banat!

Ululating is a must! 

10. Our dance moves are simple!

Relax, and have fun. 

Oh, and don't forget to rest your hands for a month before attending an Arab wedding, because we clap a lot! :D