There are people so filthy rich they fail at masking how powerful they are.  Things that are out of the ordinary to peasants are trivial to these cash machines. 

Think along the lines of renting an entire mall just to drive a car in its alleys and you'll be as gobsmacked as we are. 

Apparently, and whether this news is real or fake is still to be announced, a man in Saudi Arabia rented out an entire center in Riyadh for the sake of driving his car around while on a shopping trip.

A security guard, who reportedly works at Al Qasr Mall where the incident took place, managed to take a video of the man in his vehicle from the floor directly above. 

"I am a security guard at Al Qasr Mall and they're saying someone rented out the entire place. Look, he's even cruising here in his car. Looks like he's super rich. May God grant us the same," the guard is heard saying in the footage. 

Now, to say that the extravagant and bizarre incident left Saudis in a state of shock, would be an understatement. 

"This is part of a Ramadan show getting filmed," one tweep argued

Many people had the same theory, while others were concerned over what such wealth can do to people. 

"April Fools'"

"This is part of a film shoot, it isn't real"

"Maybe they're shooting a TV commercial for the mall?"

Some thought it could be possible

"Maybe he went after the mall was closed." 

The evolution of solutions

"A: If he's all that rich, why Al Qasr Mall? Did he run out of malls?

B: The mall is supposed to come to him to begin with. 

C: He's supposed to build a mall." 

The poor and the broke had something to say

"Me and my siblings save up to go to the mall and buy a perfume to share." 

"When I get my salary, I won't do useless things:"

"Me when I get rich:"