Last month, the U.S. Department of Commerce blacklisted Huawei and hit the company with hefty sanctions. The decision came on the same day President Donald Trump barred American companies from using telecom kits made by firms that "posed a national security risk." 

Thus, Huawei was banned from conducting business with American firms including major service providers like Google. Huawei users around the world were left concerned about how the establishment's position will be affected by the ban.

Amid the crisis, Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei "reiterated that the company remains in a strong position despite the US sanctions." However, it remains possible for Huawei users across the world and in the region to be affected as a result of the U.S. move. 

Speaking to StepFeed, a few Arab users of the mobile phone told us about how they've been affected. Here's what they said: 

Abdullah, UAE

Having been a Huawei user for two years, 29-year-old Abdullah told us he has faith in the company and believes he won't be affected by the ban. 

"It has been two weeks since the sanctions were announced and I haven't noticed anything negative yet other than the fact that I can't use apps linked to Google. I am a huge fan of Huawei's devices and fully believe that the company will find a way to protect customers from any effects this might have on us," he said.

Abdullah has already replaced the apps that stopped working with other ones without much trouble. He also wouldn't consider changing his Huawei even if negative effects increase, "except if the company shuts down and stops producing mobile phones. For its price the device I use is incredible."

Nesreen, UAE

Nesreen had been using a Huawei device for only three months when she heard about the U.S. sanctions and ban. She was upset over the news, especially that she won't be "able to use things like the YouTube app and Gmail" on her phone. 

"This does affect me so much since I am dependent on these apps for both work and personal things," she told us. 

Despite the inconveniences, the Emirati woman doesn't plan on switching her Huawei to another brand.

"I've asked around in the UAE and I've been told that Huawei has strong standing in the country, so I believe a solution will be found for users here. I don't feel the need to replace my phone at the moment. Maybe they'll team up with local telecom providers to help us replace the apps we can't use anymore," she explained.

Layan, Saudi Arabia

In a statement to StepFeed, 26-year-old Saudi graphic designer Layan said the U.S. ban has in no way affected her use of a Huawei mobile device. 

"Honestly, I haven't experienced anything negative yet and I don't think I will. My friends warned me of the fact that I might not be able to use Google apps but I can always find replacements. I feel the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to using a Huawei mobile at this point," she said.

According to Arab News, Saudi Arabia - as a market - was not affected by the U.S.' decision to ban Huawei. Users in Riyadh seem to be positive about the company's ability to find a solution quickly. 

"I use my mobile for work and its high tech camera and other features are amazing for the price I bought it for so I think the company will be able to wither these sanctions if they keep producing high-quality devices," Layan added. 

Karim, Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia-based businessman Karim has been using a Huawei device for a few months and is concerned over the ban and its effects. He uses unaffected "apps linked to Google and other U.S. based tech companies," but is concerned it won't be the case for long.

"I feel that Huawei is advancing fast when compared to other companies and its affordability is great when it comes to businesses like mine. Using other devices is not something I am considering at the moment but it's a wait and see situation for the next few weeks," he explained.

Rana, Lebanon

Thirty-two-year-old Rana has been a Huawei user for a year and just recently heard of the U.S. ban on the company. When asked how it has affected her, she said: 

"I haven't been affected in any way yet, I just opened YouTube and other Google apps on my phone and they're still working so I am not sure what's going on."

"I feel that the U.S. ban is unjust because it might affect users in the next few weeks. It hasn't yet, but if it does and the effects are major I might have to consider getting a new phone," she added. 

For now, Rana is holding up hope that Huawei will come up with a plan to make sure its users can still enjoy using their devices. 

"I heard that they might create a new operating system and that they're working on making sure users aren't highly affected by this crisis, so I am hoping this'll work out," she explained.