On Saturday, Miss Algeria 2019 Khadija Ben Hamou made history as the first woman of color to ever carry the title in her country.

The young woman's crowning sparked a heated controversy in Algeria, with many deeming her undeserving of the title, mainly because of her race.

Instead of celebrating her win, the beauty queen was faced with a barrage of racist comments that shocked everyone on social media.

Many commented on Ben Hamou's appearance and stated she didn't deserve the title because she lacks "beauty." 

Others didn't only criticize her looks but also sent out unacceptable racist remarks and jokes ... but were shut down by many who were having none of it.

Some trolled the newly crowned beauty queen over her looks

"Beauty is in danger, everyone."

Others sent out racist remarks

The racist attacks continued

But many hit back at the racism

Because the attack Ben Hamou faced is shameful

"You are stunning Khadija"

Ben Hamou has since responded to the controversy

In her first televised appearance as Miss Algeria, Ben Hamou went on local El-Djazairia One Channel.

During her interview, she was asked about her thoughts on the controversy that followed her crowning and responded by saying

"To those who criticize me, I ask Allah the Almighty to bring them back to the right path. On the other hand, I thank those who encouraged me." 

The beauty queen also said she aims to work on charity initiatives during her term.