In the age of fashionistas and social media, we've seen our fair share of pretty weird ads. 

But nothing can compare to a Snapchat video of Kuwaiti lawyer and fashionista Zori Ashkanani's promoting a fragranced hair mist.

The footage went viral on Twitter after several local news pages uploaded it to the platform. 

In it, Ashkanani tells her followers, the "magical" perfume can make husbands "addicted to their wives." 

"You had an argument with your husband? Spray this on, flip your hair left and right, and he'll come apologizing," she adds. 

This over the top ad sent Kuwaitis into a hilarious meltdown

No one was having any of it

"I want to swear at her but I don't have money for the 5001 KWD fine ($16499.50.)" 

"What? Is she married to a dog?"

Kuwaiti sarcasm at its best

"Do you suffer from arguments? Do you suffer from nagging? Is your husband spending the entire day with his friends? Dear wife, your only solution is the 'Abu Kalb,' (Father of the Dog) perfume." 

"Wallah fashlah"

"Spray this on and sit next to him... he'll become addicted to you"

"Guys, give this out in courthouses, it'll bring down divorce rates"

The hilarious reactions were endless

"Next time, please advertise a perfume that I can spray around the house to make my parents agree to all my demands." 

"This is magic not perfume"

"I was intending on buying this perfume, but after your example... order cancelled"

Single women had their concerns over the product

"OK, what about single women? I worry that I'll spray this on and be followed by those already infected by it in my street???"

"One teaches us how to eat burgers, the other tells us to flip our hair left and right"

"Thank you, world."