An Indian expat decided to smuggle 600,000 riyals ($159,978) out of Saudi Arabia by hiding them in his socks. 

The man was caught by officials at King Fahad International Airport in Al Dammam as he was attempting to leave the kingdom on Wednesday, Akhbaar 24 reported.

In his statement on the matter, the official spokesman for the General Committee of Customs, Eissa Al Eissa, said the man was caught minutes before he boarded his flight. 

Airport police then transferred him to customs, who have since withheld the money, asking the man to provide information on how he earned it. 

An investigation into the case has since been launched. 

The news divided Saudis

A video - which captures the moment the man was caught and asked to pull down his socks to remove the stashes of money - went viral on Saudi Twitter shortly after it was uploaded earlier this week. 

In a few hours, the clip led to a meltdown of the sorts.

Some had questions over the incident

"The question is: Where did he get this huge amount of money?"

"Didn't he know he'd get caught?"

Others couldn't even with the footage

"He's slowly pulling the money out of his socks, good that he didn't get a stroke." 

Many defended the man and thought this was his own money

"This is his money." 

"What's the problem if he took them out of the country?"