The Islamophobes and xenophobes on American Twitter have found new fuel after a Somali refugee carried out an attack in Ohio on Monday.

Abdul Razak Ali Artan was quickly identified as a "Muslim Somali refugee," and a disturbing discussion on social media about the acceptance of refugees and Muslims into the United States ensued.

President-elect Donald Trump strongly voiced his opinion that refugees are a threat to national security throughout his vitriolic presidential campaign. 

Artan, a student, injured 11 people at Ohio State University as he drove into a crowd of pedestrians before stabbing them with a knife. He was then killed by a police officer on campus. 

The 18-year-old and his family fled Somalia in 2007 to Pakistan before arriving in the US in 2014 as legal permanent residents.  

People on social media were quick to spread hate, prejudice and racism following the incident ... and they were definitely energized by Trump's presidency.  

"We must be allowed to vote for Trump twice"

Emphasizing "refugee" ... just to prove a point

"Trump was right"

Pointing fingers

Others countered the hate with support for the Somali community

Solidarity against hate speech

That's just how they roll

"President-elect Trump was wrong"

refugee + crime = let's rethink policy

Trump's son, Donald Trump Jr. compared refugees to "poisonous" skittles in the beginning of November. That analogy has been rehashed after the Ohio State University crime. 

Trump previously said Minnesotans have "suffered enough" from accepting Somali immigrants into their state. Nearly one third of Somalis in the United States live in Minnesota.

"Here in Minnesota you have seen firsthand the problems caused with faulty refugee vetting, with large numbers of Somali refugees coming into your state, without your knowledge, without your support or approval,” Trump said, according to Time

But, Minnesotans don't seem to agree with Trump. During the recent U.S. election, Minnesota elected Ilhan Omar, a female Muslim Somali-American former refugee, to the state legislature. Muslim Somali-American Halima Aden also just made it to the semi-finals of the Miss Minnesota USA beauty pageant. 

Both women made history and national headlines as they broke down barriers and challenged societal prejudices.