A Syrian national who fraudulently acquired the Kuwaiti citizenship 22 years ago was arrested after his wife reported him to authorities, Gulf News reported

This came after a heated argument erupted between the two, leading the angered wife to reveal the shocking detail to authorities. 

In her report, the wife said her husband had been granted the citizenship after he'd forged the documents needed for it. 

She also "told the police that her husband had lied to her when he proposed, claiming that he was a member of a well-known tribe."

The wife discovered his lies soon after the couple got married, but chose to remain silent until her husband began "denigrating Kuwaitis."

The husband has now been arrested by authorities who've confirmed the wife's story. 

After thorough investigations, officers discovered that the man had entered the Gulf state on a Syrian passport. 

The investigation into the suspect include DNA tests and will also see investigators interview over 30 people with links to the family. 

The couple's children will now lose their Kuwaiti citizenship

As per Kuwaiti law, the couple's children will now also lose their Kuwaiti citizenship. 

During the investigation, their mother said she doesn't mind if they do.

The country's law states that a granted nationality can be revoked "if the applicant provided false information or presented fake certificates during the application process."

The revocation is usually ordered by the country's cabinet "based on a request from the interior minister," Gulf News wrote

Not a first in the country

While the case has shocked people in Kuwait, it certainly isn't the first of its kind. 

"Last year, a Kuwaiti court sentenced a Syrian to 15 years in jail for getting the Kuwaiti citizenship fraudulently and benefiting from its advantages."

After he was handed down a jail term, the man was also ordered to be deported from the country. 

According to Gulf News, "a Kuwaiti national who helped him in getting the citizenship by forging documents was sentenced in absentia to five years in jail for 'selling the Kuwaiti nationality to a Syrian expatriate.'"

In June of last year, another similar case was recorded when two Syrian brothers admitted they had fraudulently acquired Kuwaiti citizenships over 4o years back. 

In their confession, the brothers revealed they had paid a Kuwaiti man to forge documents that would prove they were members of his family. 

Once their documents were accepted by authorities, they were able to obtain birth certificates, Kuwaiti citizenship certificates, national identity cards and passports.