In the past few years, we've seen several international artists collaborate with Arab singers, integrating Arabic melodies into their songs and shooting their music videos in Arab countries. 

And for a few moments, we thought we were in for a treat with Anghami sending out a push notification to all its users on Wednesday evening announcing that a hot new track was about to be dropped. 

Titled 'b2esem el cheri3' (Arabic for 'In the name of the streets), the live-streaming app told its users that the song was by American rap sensation Eminem. 

Anghami soon apologized after the incident via a tweet that read:

"A song was uploaded by an Arab rapper featuring Eminem - clearly we made a mistake in accepting the track. We took it down." 

Naturally, Arabs were puzzled by the news, taking to social media to express their thoughts. 

Humor, as you probably already know, dominated the conversation.

BREAKING: "Eminem joined Erhab Records"

Some hoped the news was true

"Fahmeenena ghalat"

Confusion ensued

Lots of confusion actually

Questions were raised

Some demanded an explanation

"Eminem bel Atlal Plaza hal sabet"

*Ma Fhemit* ... said all Arabs

"Is Anghami drunk?"

Or maybe just high fever?

Well, at least Anghami gave us all some entertainment!