Late on Wednesday, Saudi tweeps began to circulate CCTV footage that shows a petrol station worker being kidnapped by unidentified men. 

In the now trending video, a car is seen stopping at the station, a few seconds later, a man exits the vehicle and walks toward the worker. 

At first, the abductor seems to be talking to the victim, but as he does, he opens the passenger door and violently shoves him into the car, which is then seen speeding away.  

The video quickly went viral on social media and saw thousands react to the alleged kidnapping. 

While it remains unclear where or when the incident took place, many called on Saudi authorities to take action. 

Others speculated that the entire incident might have taken place outside of Saudi. 

A social media meltdown

"This is unbelievable."  

People were left shocked

"What do they want from him? This worker must have been terrified, it's absolutely disheartening." 

Many asked the same question: Why?

Others tried to find answers

"He must have been keeping all the cash from clients in his pockets and that's why they kidnapped him. It's wrong for workers to keep large sums of cash on them; all revenues must be submitted to the central desk inside petrol stations several times throughout the day."  

Many worried that organ trafficking might be a motive

"Organ theft is a new trade now."  

Tens of possible motives were thought of

"I am not justifying this in any way, but maybe the abductors know this man or have had a previous dispute with him. Authorities must quickly locate the victim so that his abductors don't kill or harm him."  

The incident drove many to call for this:

"Our petrol stations must implement a system where clients pay at a cashier."  

Others called on authorities to take immediate action

"The ministry of interior must take immediate action against anyone who compromises our country's security." 

Watch CCTV footage of the shocking incident here: