A 27-year-old Egyptian artist named Ahmed Morshedi decided to look at brands a bit differently than most of us. 

He redesigned the logos, printed them out and repackaged well known brands in a way that will mess with your head ... in a good way. 

"It's simply a different way of looking at the brands," Morshedi told StepFeed.

Morshedi is a full time art director and an independent artist who did this project to have fun with branding "in an unorthodox way" - ultimately grabbing the attention of people on social media.

Ready for a mind-screw? 

Nutella toothpaste anyone? Toothpaste in a jar?

Coca Cola tea? Tea soda?

Pepsi chips? Lays in a can?

Nestle cigs? Marlboro water? What is happening?

Not too bad, we say. Not too bad.