A video capturing an Egypt Air stewardess pouring juice from a used cup back into a bottle sparked outrage across the country earlier this week. The footage was uploaded to Facebook by a woman now identified as Amany Nady. 

Nady shot the video during a flight to Sharm El Sheikh after she spotted the stewardess making the unhygienic move. Soon after, it went viral on social media, sending people into a meltdown of the sorts.

The video sparked an intense backlash on social media

Thousands of angered Egyptians took to social media in response to the footage, demanding that the airline investigate the incident.

People were left shocked by the incident

"Did this actually happen!!!!"

And quite disgusted

"This is so disgusting." 

Others were angered by the entire thing

"Being loyal to our country is not an excuse to cover this up. Mistakes must be exposed in order to be dealt with." 

To say the least...

"Who pours drinks into glasses or cups nowadays? Why did people invent cans and packages? Are you not charging people enough as it is? You've embarrassed us all." 

"Everything served to passengers must be packaged and sealed"

"I am never drinking juice on Egypt Air flights again"

A few warnings were due

"Don't ever drink juice on Egypt Airlines." 

Some reacted to the news with sarcasm

"Next time, just serve your passengers water and sugar to save up on expenses." 

Egypt Air has since released a statement on the matter

In a statement sent to local news outlets, Egypt Air officials addressed the matter and responded to those accusing it of undermining basic hygienic practices to save up on costs. 

They also added that the company has launched a thorough investigation into the incident.

In their initial explanation of the footage, officials stated that their stewarding teams were recently asked not to dispose of any leftover liquids, including water, coffee, tea, and juices in main sinks on aircrafts because that was causing problems with AC systems. 

"The stewardess seen in the footage was following new regulations, disposing of the liquid back into its original packaging in order for it to be later discarded. She was certainly not going to use that same bottle to serve passengers again," the statement added.