A video of American reality TV star Tami Roman referring to the religion of Islam as a country on an episode of Basketball Wives is sending people into a hilarious meltdown.

Even though the footage isn't recent, it resurfaced online earlier this week and is now making the rounds on Twitter. In the video, Roman is asked to guess the destination of her co-star Jackie Christie's vacation. 

To help her guess, Christie covers her head with a scarf she's wearing and that's when Roman exclaims: "Girl we going to Islam?" 

While the reality TV star might have been trying to make a joke at the time, tweeps believe she really thinks Islam is a country and none of them can handle it...

It all started when this video resurfaced on Twitter

Sending people into a frenzy

We're all speechless really

The meltdown is just too real

Everyone has so many questions now...

How does one confuse Islam for an actual country?

And a very good question...

People are trying to find explanations

Others are simply having none of it

Girl we going to Islam? Nope.