In just the latest step toward sustainability in Egypt, the Alexandrian governorate is unveiling new solar-powered carts for the city's street vendors.

The authorities are working with a local supplier, Al Adham Company, to provide the carts to discourage the vendors from illegally tapping into street lights for power. They have so far provided 12 of the solar-powered carts to street vendors.

Each cart costs 16,000 Egyptian pounds ($2,000), but they are being offered to the vendors for just 10 pounds per day, according to Egypt Independent . Due to the strong initial demand, the governorate will provide an additional 10 carts on a weekly basis.

The head of the Eastern Alexandria Municipality, Saeed Al Fawwal, explained that there were additional benefits to this initiative as street vendors would now operate with licenses. The solar-powered carts will also add a unique look to the seaside area which is a popular destination for foreign and domestic tourism as well as Alexandrian locals.

Now that the country is slowly but steadily improving many of its problems and are addressing major environmental dilemmas, people are calling for more change and are giving out suggestions on how to improve the daily lives of people and animals.

Perhaps and hopefully in the near future, the Egyptian government will accept the suggestions and bring forward new further initiatives to further improve the country.