Al-Azhar University is set to open in Al-Ain in the United Arab Emirates, in September of 2016 as ministries of both countries reached an agreement last week.

The university, which is world renowned for its Islamic decree and studies of Islamic laws and customs, will offer bachelor's degrees, master's degrees as well as PhD's in Islamic studies.

“Co-operation and co-ordination between Al Azhar and UAE's General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments is continuous in a number of activities, and conferences,” said Sheikh Ahmed Al-Tayeb, the grand mufti of Egypt and the institution's grand imam, according to Al-Arabiyah . He also stated that these "efforts would be culminated with the opening of the first branch of Al Azhar University outside the Arab Republic of Egypt.”

Mohammed Mattar Salem Al-Kaabi, chairman of the General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments, explained that "co-ordination among all these reference institutions is a must, and Al Azhar University will have a prestigious position among other educational and research institutions in the country."