For a little over a thousand years, two ancient Egyptian cities, Thonis-Heracleion and Canopus, were submerged under a sea of water and for the very first time in the United Kingdom, their story will be told at the British Museum .

The modern world only knew about the City of Thonis-Heracleion through ancient texts and with the recent discovery of more than 700 ancient anchors, 60 wrecks and a number of statues, we know that the city was once one of Egypt's most prominent commercial areas of trade.

Canopus, too, had a vital role in the ancient Egyptian civilization as it played a critical role in religious beliefs and continues to be widely perceived as the leading town to worship ancient Egyptian gods.

Though a similar exhibition is currently taking place in Paris until Jan. 8, the British Museum aims to shed light on the connections between two great ancient civilizations, Egypt and Greece.

Remarkable objects will be on display at the exhibition – from incredible colossal statues to beautiful and elaborate pieces of gold and everything in between, the artifacts will tell the different stories of political powers, beliefs, myths, religious offerings, migrations and lastly, the captivating history of Gods, Kings and Queens.

Through this exhibition, the British Museum will also tell of the fascinating encounters and clashes between the two cultures, iconic figures and a deeper, more fundamental, look into the phenomenal alliance between Egypt and Greece.

The exhibition is scheduled for next May. However, tickets are currently on sale and they're going fast so hurry better hurry it up and get yours now!