An Egyptian Azhari cleric who sang an Om Kolthoum song on television has been investigated by Egypt's Ministry of Endowments and Islamic affairs and banned from preaching, Al Arabiya reported

Last week, a video of cleric Ihab Younes singing while wearing his Azhari garb caused quite the stir in Egypt. 

In response to it, one of the ministry's officials Sheikh Jaber Taya released a statement condemning the cleric's actions. 

Taya explained, "Sheikh Younis is an Imam and preacher at Ali bin Abi Talib mosque, which is under Awqaf al-Salam’s management."

 "Yunis was referred to the ministry of interior for investigation," he added.

Al-Azhar also denounced the cleric’s actions, "stressing that he had disgraced the Azhari uniform."

"The Azhari dress to people and the Islamic world is associated with uniforms of religious scholars, students and people of fatwa. Therefore, it should not be worn when singing or practicing arts, even if they are purposeful and upscale," the institution's observatory said in a statement.  

Yunis issued a statement after his first hearing

After he was investigated by Egypt's Ministry of ِEndowments and Islamic affairs, Yunis published a statement on his official Facebook page, explaining that he respects the ministry's decision to ban him from preaching. 

He also reiterated his respect for Al-Azhar and defended himself saying that it was never his intention to offend anyone. 

"I am innocent of all what people have accused me of and fully believe that Al-Azhar's uniform is one that must be appreciated and respected. It's a uniform that I have the honor of wearing."

A social media meltdown of the sorts

Soon after news of his investigation started circulating online, it sparked controversy on social media platforms. 

While some people stood with the decision to investigate and ban Yunis, others were completely against it. 

Here's a little of what people had to say:  

Many shared their support for Yunis

"Don't worry about it our sheikh, we're all with you, we support you and you'll always be our mentor, sheikh, and our beloved friend."

"I hope he continues to sing... isn't that better than clerics who issue criminal religious edicts?"

A few raised this point

"So what if he sings? There are so many clerics who want to ruin Egypt and who spread extremist points of view, don't they offend Al Azhar?"   

Others weren't having it though and continued to attack Yunis

"If you love singing so much, resign from Al-Azhar."  

Many thought Yunis deserves to be investigated and banned

"Honestly, he deserves this."