Arab moms are known for their ability to transform anything and everything into a weapon when they're trying to discipline their kids. 

One of their favorite go-tos is the infamous shahata (slipper) which gets thrown at anyone who misbehaves. 

You might've thought this kind of weapon is only used by Arab moms, but it seems mothers all over the world have mastered the art of the shahata.

Earlier this month, a video of an angry mom hitting her teen daughter with one from an incredible distance took the internet by storm.

The clip was reportedly shot in Mexico and captures the moment the frustrated mother walked down a street in pursue of her teenage daughter, who had escaped the house after a row with her parents.

Unable to catch up with the teen, the mom hurls her slipper at her from a huge distance and actually hits her. 

The viral footage made headlines around the world but seems to have resonated most with Arabs, who could certainly relate to the situation. 

As it continues to make the rounds online, the region's tweeps are still making the most out of it.

The "shahata" has long been an Arab mom weapon

One that can fly distances... just like any bird

"Name a bird that starts with ش: My mom's shebsheb (slipper)." 

A weapon experienced by so many of us

This explains why we can relate to this incident so much

"The slipper, a mother's individual, incredible weapon." 

"A mother's shebsheb turned out to be an international thing"

Some made hilarious memes out of this viral incident

Many naturally responded with humor

"The flying slipper."

Others had their doubts over the clip

"They're saying it's a slipper. If it was, it wouldn't have crossed 10 meters. If it were a boot we would've believed this but a slipper... that's just too much."

"This is either a coincidence or the clip was re-shot several times"