When things get out of hand, Arab moms can skillfully turn almost anything into a weapon. In other words, put something in front of an Arab mother and you'll have a weapon stronger than whatever is being sold in the marketplace. 

There's the boomerang shahata, the wooden spoon, and of course ... the stare of death. We took photos of these precious 'weapons' ... all using a Samsung Galaxy S9+.

1. Mess with her in the kitchen ... and it won't be the food that gets "beaten"

You often forget to ask your mother if she needs help in the kitchen and of course, this puts you at risk of a mini "bahdale."

Without a doubt, that conversation never ends without a wooden tool touching a body part.

2. When things get a little too "heated" ... paper fans come in handy

Secretly, you know your mother always keeps a paper fan around to help her "cool down" ... during those heated arguments with you.

3. Nail files are pretty harmless, but flinching at the sight of one is unavoidable

You can't help but flinch as soon as your mom raises the nail file, but that fear dies as soon as it touches your skin. You remember just how powerless her weapon of choice actually is.

4. The power of these hanging rack clips is unmatched

On the ears ... the nose ... the fingers. 

One word: *OUCH*

5. Mess with the volume/channel and you'll get the remote control thrown at you

Just don't.

6. Twisted towels followed by high-pitched screaming

Of course, this towel match begins with a running marathon around the house and ends with loud, painless screams.

7. Glasses ... and no, she does not care if they break

She will go out of her way to teach you a lesson, even if that means breaking her chance of "seeing" properly.

8. There are different kinds of shahata, one for each occasion

Depending on what the trigger is, two different kinds of shahata are used.

The soft kind for a soft mistake ... and then high, painful heels when an unforgettable mistake is committed.

9. *Itch my back and I'll hit yours* is basically an Arab mother's motto

Need we say more?