In the past few years, landmarks in the United Arab Emirates have slowly become Hollywood favorites, from Mission Impossible to Star Trek to the Fast and Furious 7... But now there's a new one on the list, and it's all about climate change. 

Hollywood based film and television production company – Skydance – recently released the trailer for its latest film Geostorm, featuring Dubai's iconic Burj Khalifa. 

In the trailer, you can see the world's tallest building get struck by a tidal wave. 

The film tells the story of a satellite designer who tries to save the world from a storm caused by climate-controlling satellites. 

"Tomorrow, the world is taken by storm," a line in the trailer warns.  

The trailer has garnered over 150,000 views on YouTube since it was released Wednesday. 

The film features a-list celebrities including Gerard Butler, Andy Garcia, Abbie Cornish and much more. 

It is set to be released this October. 

The film sheds light on the different natural disasters that could happen as a result of climate change.  

World leaders come together to create a network of satellites to control the global climate, which eventually puts the Earth at risk and creates a series of natural disasters. 

Although for now, calamities of such proportion and magnitude remain a distant reality, the threat of climate change is real. 

The United Arab Emirates has been working to combat climate change with a number of green initiatives. But, it's not all positive news. 

In 2015, the UAE was said to have the "worst air" in the world, according to a report released by the World Bank. 

In another report released earlier this year, the UAE was named one of the world's most toxic countries, alongside other Gulf nations. 

However, it has been making changes. 

The UAE looks like it will exceed its goal of having "24 percent of its energy from renewable sources" by 2021.

It's also investing $163bn in clean energy projects to ensure that half of the country’s power needs are generated from renewable sources by 2050.