Saudi tweeps were left outraged after a video capturing a mosque's female-only section trashed after Eid prayers went viral on Twitter.

In the footage - which started circulating on the platform earlier this week - water bottles, juice boxes, tissues, paper, toys, and other litter can be seen left on the prayer area's floor. 

A man can also be heard angrily criticizing those who were in attendance for leaving the premises without cleaning up after themselves. 

The video went viral on Saudi Twitter just hours after it was first uploaded and saw hundreds react to it with fury. 

People expressed their anger over the incident online

While a few tweeps felt the incident was blown out of proportion

"The man blew this way out of proportion. I think these were just little kids excited about Eid. Secondly, let a worker clean up instead of publicly shaming these people."

Others were incredibly upset over the footage

"This is a mosque, not a public rest area, and what do you mean he's blowing this out of proportion? This is God's home, respect its sanctity."

"A population that doesn't develop except when hit with taxes and fines"

"This is something we see everywhere, even at men's mosques"

"Cleanliness reflects religion, manners, intellect and morals"

Many raised this point

"This society has no principles when it comes to intellect and must collectively learn everything from scratch. Teaching anyone about such basic things starts at home and then in schools. I swear this is just so frustrating, teach your kids to be responsible for their surroundings instead of spoiling them with mobiles, PlayStation's, and luxury."

"Leave any place you're in just as you would like to see it"

"What would happen if each person picked up their litter before leaving?"

"Teach your children to collect their waste and not leave it behind no matter where they are"