There are certain phrases that are better off said in Arabic, a language that never runs short of expressions. 

So, when in an animated conversation with non-Arabic speaking friends, the temptation to use an Arabic expression is nearly impossible to resist. 

You translate it verbatim into English ... and that's when confusion strikes. 

People on Twitter know just how real the struggle is, launching a hashtag titled #LiteralArabicTranslations to show just how wrong the translations could get. 

Here are 18 of the funniest ones: 

1. "Bmoot feek"

2. "Ma ta3tee wej"

3. "Tkharyan ma3e"

4. "Matkhaleeni iftar 3aleik"

5. "Shu e3ed 3am ta3mel?"

6. "Ma tetfalsaf 3a rase"

7. "Hal 7ake mabyemshi 3alaye"

8. "Damak t2eel"

9. "3am btshuf 7alak 3alaye?"

10. "Ma assaret"

11. "Akhadet maw2af minnik"

12. "Akalet hawa"

13. "Fade lyoum?"

14. "Shloonak?"

15. "Min teez el sobo7"

16. "Hayda jawwe"

17. "Kona a3deen benetmasha"

18. "Ekhertak jeye"