A video of a Lebanese fisherman who just won the national lottery's grand prize is winning people's hearts on social media. 

In a now-viral video that was shared on the Lebanese Lottery's official Facebook page late on MondayAhmad Dandach, a Lebanese man from Tripoli, emotionally expresses his happiness and gratitude for the win. 

"I've always lived in poverty, always worked so hard to make ends meet," he says.

Speaking of the incredible moment a store teller told him he had won the jackpot, he says: 

"I was overcome with emotion, I couldn't even stand on my own two feet.

I thank Lebanese Lotto officials for welcoming me and my family in their headquarters. I can now finally buy a house, help the people whom I know are in need and build a better future for my children," he tearfully adds. 

People are incredibly moved

"I was moved to tears and I am truly so happy for him. He won because he truly needs this money."  

"I am as happy as I would've been had I won this myself"

"The lotto has helped him and his family more than all the politicians and governments combined"

"Well deserved"

Mabrouk 3ammo Ahmad!

Watch the moving video here: