Muslim Surgeon. Nassar Kurdy, stabbed, UK, fogives attacker
Dr. Nassar Kurdy Source: Metro

Late on Sunday, a Muslim surgeon was stabbed in the neck right outside the Altrincham Islamic Center in Hale, U.K.  

On his way to the Altrincham Islamic Center, the attacker was shouting abusive comments before he committed what police are treating as a hate crime.

According to Manchester Central Mosque's Facebook post, the victim is Dr. Nassar Kurdy. He works at the Wythenshawe Hospital as a consultant orthopedic surgeon and occasionally performs the Khutba during Friday prayers. 

Syrian-Jordanian Dr. Kurdy suffered a 3-cm wound and has been discharged from the hospital, Sky News reported. 

In a video posted on Facebook by Doamuslims, Dr. Kurdy is heard saying "Al hamdu lillah, my arm is working well."

Muslim surgeon, Nassar Kurdy, stabbed in the neck, forgives, attackers, UK
Nassar Kurdy Source: Metro

Ahead of giving a statement to the police, Dr. Kurdy said he has absolutely no negative feelings towards his attacker because "he is not representative of what this country stands for."

He feels grateful for surviving, mentioning how he's well-loved by his community.

"I don’t think I can see anybody more integrated than I am. I get invited to sit on services in the synagogue, service on Remembrance Sunday, I’m always in the church at All Saints," he explained, according to British news website, Metro 

Dr. Kurdy has forgiven his attacker, saying the latter "could be a marginalized person within his own community."

"I have declared it, I have totally forgiven him.

I have absolutely no anger or hate or anything negative towards him," Dr. Kurdy said.