In Ramadan, we are used to binge watching humorous hidden camera shows and comedic TV series. But last Ramadan, MBC did something different with Al-Sadma -  a social experiments show. 

Instead of the usual approach, they tackled various issues like domestic violence, racism, and discrimination based on religious and sectarian tensions.  

And now the show is back for a second season, and people have fallen in love with it already! 

Al-Sadma's public pranks are meant to serve as a wake-up call to all of us, testing our reactions, and uncovering our human side when faced with appalling acts of cruelty.   

People fell in love with it the first season almost immediately

Who can ever forget this brave young lady from Lebanon?

Tiffany couldn't stand watching a man abusing his wife so she ran down the stairs and taught him a lesson. 

It made us cry

... for all the good reasons. 

As we realized that there is still hope in our crazy world

Last year's season reminded people of how cool Iraqis are

Ladies even went with a hashtag "I wanna marry an Iraqi" 

The hashtag is trending again this Ramadan! 

The second season will feature more countries!

The shooting of the 1st season took place in the U.A.E, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Iraq, and Egypt. 

This year Germans joined in!

People couldn't stand the xenophobia against refugees, so they stepped in to do the right thing. 

Danke <3 

And Oman!

It's never acceptable to disrespect elders, especially your teachers!