Even the holy month of Ramadan has its own modern "dictionary" - filled with words and phrases that describe certain situations which take place during this month.

Here are a few: 

1. Oh Allah, I’m fasting

A phrase you use whenever you see or hear something that threatens your willpower! Like a dirty joke, or a racy music clip or even a hot shawerma sandwich smothered with rich creamy garlic! Look away now!!

2. Why aren’t you fasting?

Prepare to hear this phrase from some of your concerned friends who think of themselves as the fasting police... They will lecture you on the importance of fasting, despite you having a legitimate excuse or not being a Muslim!  

3. Taraweeh

A word that refers to the prayer held straight after the Isha prayer, which can last up to 23 “raka’at”. In addition to its spiritual value, it is your only chance during Ramadan to burn those countless calories you just ate at Iftar.

4. Commercials

"So should I buy an apartment in a compound now or give donation or save electricity? #ramadanads"

They are the series within the series that kill the climax you’ve been enjoying during your favorite Ramadan mosalsal. But, on a more positive note, that timeout can also be used to prepare the sweets and tea post Iftar. 

5. Ramez Galal

"Despite all this nonsense, Ramz Galal's show will be the most watched because we like fake nonsense." 

He's the guy we all love to hate! His show might be the stuff of nightmares but for some reason we still watch it every year all the while thinking: “how come he’s allowed to do that on TV?”, “how much did they pay this guest to be on his show?”, “I think MBC is the only thing that likes Ramez Galal!”

6. Oh, my stomach!!

A prolonged moan that comes after consuming a hefty Iftar meal that starts with fattoush and ends with زنود الستّ!

7. I can’t, I’m fasting

A very popular phrase that you usually use as an excuse to get out of any unwanted task/situation during fasting hours, from meeting the deadline your boss gave you to taking out the trash! 

8. Vimto

The Vimto assault starts one month before Ramadan and lasts for the entirety of the holy month. It's a sweet drink that was introduced to the GCC in 1928 and has since become the unofficial national Ramadan beverage! 

Expect to see Vimto ads everywhere: in the streets, the supermarket, the TV screens and maybe even your dreams!

9. Did you hear the Adhan?

A phrase that you start using approximately 10 minutes before the Maghrib Adhan with increased frequency as the call for prayer approaches. It is usually accompanied with impulsive glances at the watch and an audible stomach growl.  

10. Coffee

On normal days, coffee is a perfectly innocent word, but during Ramadan it’s THE forbidden word! You don’t want to hear the word, you don’t want to see a photo of it or even smell a cup of coffee during fasting hours. Some of us try to put on a brave face when we see colleagues flashing their coffee cups, but deep inside the yearning is "brewing”.