It all started in March 2016 when Wiebe Wakker decided to travel from the Netherlands to Australia in his electric car. Nine months, 285 days and 34,000 kilometers later, he found himself stuck in Dubai. 

Wakker made it throughout Europe and ultimately got to Dubai ... the stop right before making it out to Mumbai. 

But, thanks to visa hurdles in Myanmar, Wakker needs to be ferried to the Indian city. It will cost him approximately 12,000 dirhams to get there, a price he can't afford. 

So he's stuck in Dubai. But, he's not too sad about it. 

"Luckily it seems that Dubai is the best place to get stuck as there is a lot going on on sustainability and electric cars," Wakker wrote in an Instagram post. 

"Not all those who wander are lost"

He made it out to Dubai Marina ... and loved every second of it

And didn't miss out on Dubai's nightlife

Wakker relies on people to provide him with food, a place to sleep or energy for the car. He returns the favor with a Dopper a.k.a a sustainable drinking bottle.

"It’s all about energy; it’s about the energy of a good story. Charge it!" he writes. 

Plug Me In is the result of Wakker's journey. 

The 29-year-old is not only traveling the world in his electric car, but is making a documentary about it. 

He aims to raise awareness about the importance of sustainability in today's world. 

It is also a "personal quest" that aims to answer three important questions: "What is sustainability? What means sustainability for me? How can I apply it in my everyday life?”

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