Hotel Rwanda, Saving Private Ryan, The Pianist, Pearl Harbor ... will the ongoing Syrian war become just another Oscar-winning, heart-wrenching, breathtaking film? 

One girl on social media thinks so. 

"In 20 years a movie called Aleppo will win 7 oscars & everyone will say: something like that should never be allowed to happen again," Ayesha tweeted

The tweet has since gone viral, getting over 90,000 retweets and over 140,000 favorites. 

Her tweet captured people's imaginations. Some even called it "The Tweet of the Year."

Others are already predicting how horrific it will be. Many are pointing fingers at the white-washing in the film industry, namely Hollywood. 

The film will feature a "white protagonist"

The hero was "traumatized" by all the Facebook videos of Aleppo

An elderly Leonardo may win another Oscar if he takes the role

"Best Movie" depicting the utter lack of response to the 2016 crisis

The heartbreaking reality

Over 400,000 civilians have died since the start of the Syrian war. How many more deaths will it take for the world to finally take action? 

Will generations to come watch the war through their screens as we live through it now and do nothing about it?